Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Statement on Tea Party Patriots

As most of you are aware, at the end of September, the leadership of Tea Party Patriots (TPP) removed me from my leadership position within the organization. Before this happened and certainly since then, there has been quite a lot of misinformation, assumptions and rumors about what happened, how it happened and why. Many of you may have wondered where my voice has been, why I remained silent, why I didn't defend myself. Although there were many hard days, I believed that in the interest of the movement, any public discussion would be objectionable, unnecessary and a distraction.

So why speak out now? Among other issues, TPP leadership has filed a frivolous lawsuit against me. Taken together along with some other things, I determined that it was time to let my voice be heard. That being said below is a very brief recount of some of the more relevant information.

One of the underlying reasons that we began this movement back in February was due to lack of trust of our government and its leaders. They stopped listening to us. We became a means to an end – their end without our input.

Trusting your colleagues is important and listening to each other is important. Differences of opinion can be worked out, but we need to listen and move forward. Unfortunately, trust was broken and leaders of TPP did not listen.

Despite what you may have heard, I was not removed due to any inaction, omission or inappropriate activity on my part. I was removed for two reasons. Although, I would love to share those reasons with everyone, due to the pending litigation, my legal counsel has advised me not to publicly disclose those reasons in detail at this time.

As many of you know, TPP was originally going to participate with Tea Party Express. For reasons I am not allowed to discuss as indicated above, TPP canceled its involvement with the Tea Party Express at the last minute. However, during a conference call with local organizers who already spent a great deal of time and money preparing for the Tea Party Express, the other members of the leadership team confirmed that I could participate in the Tea Party Express as an individual.

Tea Party Express was a huge success and drove many Americans into the movement. It generated tremendous press coverage across the country. Although a Tea Party Express is a different organization, we play for the same team. Does it matter how people become involved or just that people get involved? Grassroots movements come with all shapes, sizes and colors. We do not agree on everything; we do not agree on which issues are the most pressing; nor do we agree on how to resolve the pressing issues facing our country. However, we can agree that we are better and stronger together, than we are alone. Numbers matters in this fight. We must put our pettiness aside; our differences aside; our egos aside. If we stand together as one, we can win this fight.

Just because a select few do not want to work with another organization should not obligate the entire movement. Let the people decide for themselves. After all, this is exactly the mentality that we are fighting in Washington.

Our country is on a fast track to socialism. Right now, we have been blessed to have this organic movement emerge from the heavens to protect our great nation and our founding documents.

Neither one person nor any one organization will be able to win this battle alone. We need an entire grassroots army to make a difference! Instead of wasting precious time and energy destroying (or attempting to destroy) other organizations and instead of destroying people within our movement, lets focus our energy on fighting government takeover of health care and the outrageous Cap & Trade taxes that could be passed in the near future.

Each of us knows that the grassroots movement is bigger than one organization. Of course, this grassroots movement will continue to grow and move forward whether or not TPP exists or whether or not other organizations exist. However, TPP cannot go on without the people of this movement. We all need to stand shoulder to shoulder within this movement to protect the movement and what we stand for as American Patriots.

It truly saddens me that TPP leadership is expending an enormous amount of time and resources to pursue a frivolous lawsuit against me when this could have been resolved amicably, which I tried to do. Personally, I believe that the people of this movement would not want any time and money focused on a frivolous lawsuit, but would rather have these resources focused on fighting the socialist agenda of the current administration.

In the end, the reasons for my “removal” from any “leadership position” and this frivolous lawsuit cannot change the fact that I am still a Tea Party Patriot just as all of you. I have not been removed from this movement and pledge to always support each of you and your local organization. I am blessed and honored to be working with great Patriots across this country.

I thank you for all of your support and kind words. Together, we will continue to make a difference.

Amy Kremer


  1. Not knowing any details of a pending lawsuit it is hard to comment. However, in this era of another pending issue: the slide toward Socialism, it would appear to me that 'stuff' like this merely detracts from those (more) important matters. It kind of takes the view of the 'other side'... "Oh, why can't we all just get along?" ...jd
    No chance of both sides just burying the hatchet, eh?

  2. My husband and I, founder of our local tea party, received an e-mail from the Tea Party Patriots shortly before the Express launched this time asking people to boycott. Not only did we decide that we absolutely without reservations supported the mission of the Tea Party Express after seeing it in Mt. Vernon, Tx on September 4th, we drove from northeast Texas to Beaumont to see the Tea Party Express last Saturday! Jenny Beth Martin needs to heed her own advice offered in the letter to you-she states that "during these difficult times, we do not need to add any more to the plate." How disheartning it is to see attacks of this nature when we thought that we were all working towards the same goal. The Patriots questioned how Mark Williams was spending money raised for the Express when he also has a PAC. My question to the Patriots is where is the money coming from for litigation against you. I think that they haved betrayed the trust of tea partiers across America and our local group, the Mt. Pleasant Tea Party Patriots will no longer be listed on the Tea Party Patriot website. This are many people who have devoted a tremendous amount of time and energy to the tea party movement and I think that you Amy are at the top of the list for sacrifices to awaken the silent majority and get them involved. You have only our best wishes and we are behind you on this 100%.
    Barbara & Eric Bruechner, Mt. Pleasant, Tx Tea Party

  3. Tea Party Patriots is incorporated and owns 'intellectual property' such as service marks, etc?

    How long before the very phrase 'tea party' in any/all usage is registered and subject to royalties?

    Seems we've got a bunch of small minds with visions of grandeur and/or profit running 'round here.

  4. Hello All,

    I am confused. If we are in fact interested in staving off the scourge of Socialism in our Republic, should not we start by signing a petition to voluntarily and collectively relinquish our own medicare, medicaid and social security benefits? After all isnt it unconstitutional as well? Come to think of it, isnt Federal Depositors Insurance (FDIC)also unconstitutional. We should waive the Federal insurance on our bank accounts too. Who's with me?! Yay!

    Hazel McGinty

  5. I'm with Hazel! Enough of this socialism. I'm sending back my Social Security Check and refusing Medicare coverage. In fact, I'm only going to drive on privately-owned tollroads from now on!

    If enough of us true patriots do this, we can finally turn this country into the type of free market state Ayn Rand would be proud of!

    John Galt

  6. I knew teabaggers ate their young.

  7. This is all very disappointing and I believe that the Tea Party Patriots and the Tea Party Express owe us an explanation.

    The time has come to put country and cause ahead of personal ambitions.

  8. Why do the words "Mad Hatter" keep springing to mind whenever I hear about tea parties?

  9. Sweet Jesus, stop the madness! Jesus wants us to stay together to defeat the Islamofascistcommiesocialist Barack Hussein "I Was Born in Kenya" Obama. Stay together to defeat the attack on Freedom called Healthcare, and bring our country back! Protect the insurance companies so they can keep little babies free in the future to have babies with insurance they can buy for $5,000 a year. Praise God!

  10. With or without a tea party, there will be a voter exodus to a more conservative-based political ideaology in next year's elections.

    Since the tea party gave D.C. it's best shot over the past few months, the government has only grown more emboldened in ignoring the will of the people. Why? Because all those rallies had no purpose other than delivering meaningless and symbolic messages.

    If you were a fat-cat in D.C. would you be afraid of a stern talking-to when that's all you've heard for years? Politicians also know they can count on the tea party siphoning numbers from the opposition.

    The people do not need the tea party. Now that the liberal goggles are starting to clear and the kool-aid hangovers are starting to wear off, the people are abandoning that ship without the need for a tea party lifevest.

    Conservative victories are assured. The only effect the tea party will have on this certainty is how much they will hold down the gains.

  11. I am just learning bout this movement. We all have our own opinions, and if we didn't the world would be very boring. I think the publicity that the tea party has recieved gives a voice to a new group of people. Isn't that what our country is about? Whether I agree or not with the party's position, I commend the ppl who have pursued this cause. It takes a lot to put yourself out there for such great criticizim. And look at their success....I am looking it up to see what it is about. I am a stay-at-home mother, also attending college courses in the evening. I only catch bits and pieces of the news.