Monday, February 9, 2009

Throwing a Southern Belle Hissy Fit!

To start off, let me just say that when Obama was sworn into office, I respected him because he was the new President of the United States of America. Although I didn't vote for him, I was willing to give him a fair chance. However, I have lost all respect for him in three weeks! That is a very short amount of time to lose all respect for a leader that is starting out with a clean slate!

As each day passes, I get more and more frustrated and angry that this empty suit has been elected as our President. This man has no leadership skills. He is an empty suit. He has let Company Pelosi / Reid & Thugs take the reins and trample over the people of this country. I am sorry, but he is the President, not Pelosi. Why did he allow them to start this pork project without any Republican input? I think it is because he truly does not know what he is doing.

Come on people, the man had no leadership experience when he took office. Now he is surrounded by a bunch advisors, that are nothing more than a bunch of goons, and they are telling him what to do. Everyone in the White House and Washington (for the most part) are trying to advance their own agendas and protect their own political careers. A real leader would stand up and say, "Stop! This is about the American people and what is best for this country." If he was truly interested in getting this economy back on track and making America the bright and shining city on the hill again, he would stand up and command attention just like a Father who has children fighting and bickering. Our leader, the President of the United States, should stand up and bang his gavel and stomp his feet to get the attention of the liberal Democrats that are running roughshod over their colleagues in Congress. After commanding their attention, he simply needs to state, "Enough is enough! Stop with the bickering and bipartisanship! We have to work together for everyone."

But you see, the chosen one is not really interested in what is best for America. Instead, he is trying to advance his own political agenda of paying back the constituents that put him in the White House in the first place. Buy paying back the constituents and liberal special interest groups, he is putting the wheels on the bus for elections in 2010 and then his re-election in 2012...if we aren't already a communist country by then! Don't get me wrong, he is not the only one assembling his bus, there are many others in Congress that are getting their bus assembled too! Before you know it, there is going to be a caravan of buses driving over our constitution and anyone in their way is going to be thrown under the bus with the constitution! These buses aren't even going to slow down or blow their horns, they are just going to run your ass over if you are in front of the bus!

My point is him paying these people and groups back for their support, essentially I am paying for their votes! My tax dollars are being used for the spending in this bill! I don't want to pay for his votes! If I had wanted to pay for his election, I would have contributed to his campaign fund! Now, I am going to be paying for the buses to trample the constitution. My tax dollars are now going to be used for payback after getting him elected and now I am going to pay for his reelection. The buck has got to stop and it needs to stop now! I don't want to pay for this!

I am screaming, yelling, jumping up and down, kicking my feet, pounding my fists...throwing an all out Hissy Fit and who is listening to me? People, don't you get what is happening here? He is turning us into a socialist country and socialism is the first step to communism. Obama has said goverment is the answer and Reagan said government is the problem. Who do you believe?

The buck has to stop somewhere and it needs to stop with our state elected officials! They need to have the spine and cojones to stand up to this imposter we now have as our President. If they don't stand up for us and America, then they need to be fired! An employee of a company that begins to run the company in the ground isn't going to last long. If our elected officials don't do what they were hired to do, then it is time for them to be replaced. It is time that we conservatives band together and step up to the plate and take our country back from these loony, self righteous, fear mongering, empty suit wearing liberals. I am sorry, but screw political correctness! If we don't take a stand and take it now, we are not going to have the freedom of speech for political correctness to even matter. They are taking over and America had better stand up and take notice!

I am going to continue to pitch a Hissy Hit and if you want to join me, I welcome you. If you don't know how to have a Hissy Fit, Southern Belle can show you real quick! Just as with parties and entertaining, the more the merrier! Let's all join together and start a Hissy Fit revolution! I don't want those buses anywhere near me! You are either with us or against us! Where do you stand? If you are not pitching a Hissy Fit, you better be on that bus because your sweet bottom dollar is going to be thrown under the bus! It is getting real crowded under there! You're better off having a Hissy Fit!

The Hissy Fit illustration is from Picture Book Illustrators.


  1. Well said Southern Belle. One point that I think is important for people to realize is that socialism can only work by forcing people into submission with the use of deadly violence to facilitate the redistribution of wealth that is needed at its core. Regardless of the source this is theft and violence- how can it not be considered immoral, unethical and evil?

    The primary solution to our predicament is the end of the income tax which is a large part of where the theft and violence occurs (just try not paying your taxes and protecting your life and property against aggression). Balking this isn't realistic is actually inaccurate, misses the mark of Americanism and leaves one in an ideology and lifestyle rooted in theft and violence.

    I see enough Americans having the fortitude to lead us to great places in a society free of forced taxation, so that is what I fight for. Good Americans, those willing to make a difference, will do so.

    I will join you in the fit but once they start going after guns, as they said they will, things will change as matters will become much more serious.

    In liberty,


  2. As my Mama used to say - you hadn't seen a Hissy Fit until you've seen my Fit Hissy - and she wasn't kidding...when she got mad, which took alot of doing to get her there, she got mad!

    Whew, she would whack Obama upside the head so hard...he wouldn't know what spun him.

    But, sad to say, we are going down that slippery slope wether we paid for the ride or not.

  3. Bryan, I agree with you! We need to do everything we can to protect the 2nd Amendment. As a matter of fact, we need to do everything we can to protect the constitution! I am so over these crazy is sickening!

    Jules, I wish your Momma would whack Obambi upside the head! Someone needs to do it and sooner, rather than later! Haha!

    Thanks for your comments!


  4. Thanks Belle. I couldn't agree more, the Constitution is the key- we need to remind everyone that we live in a Constitutional Republic with rights that come from our creator, not the government.